The best cheap gaming keyboards in 2020

The best cheap gaming keyboards are dependable, robust, and affordable. We don’t accept the stigma that you must spend a small fortune on a gaming keyboard to game at your best. You’re far better off ditching excessive features and getting down to brass tacks right away.

When we say ‘cheap,’ we mean in terms of pricing and not quality. Most of the keyboards in this guide are under $50. While they might be lacking some of the bells and whistles of their pricier counterparts, they can still perform well and will make a reliable companion for your gaming PC.

When hunting around for a budget keyboard, you should make a note of what’s being offered and what isn’t. Some may not include any RGB lighting, while others will provide lighting but no software to control it. Chances are, these keyboards will be pretty barebones, and if you’re looking for something with media controls or LED displays, you’ll have to look to spend to one of the best gaming keyboards instead.

Another thing you should know is the switches used on cheaper keyboards will most likely be membrane switches. If a super cheap keyboard says it’s using mechanical switches, they are most likely knock-off Cherry switches, but that also doesn’t have to mean they’re guaranteed to fail either. Cheaper keyboards will have an overall different feel your Razer and SteelSeries keyboards. But don’t worry, these great-value gaming keyboards still feel great under your fingertips.

If you want to know more, you can read our detailed explanation of mechanical key switches.

We’ve attempted to list as many cheap gaming keyboards as we could to give a range of price points up to $50. We’ve even added a couple of quality keyboards that come bundled with other peripherals to take some of the sting out of the cost of a new setup. If you do find yourself with some money to burn, however, do check out the best mechanical keyboards for some satisfying clickity clacks.

The STOGA mechanical keyboard uses a facsimile of Cherry MX Blue switches to emulate that clicky sound and feels sought after by gamers and typists. This model is a compact, no-nonsense tenkeyless design with pre-determined RGB backlighting. Unless you despise clicky switches or desperately need dedicated media controls, it’s difficult to go wrong with the STOGA.

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